EPIC Mining and Node Manager

Cross-platform and user-friendly mining manager working with the EPIC Blockchain Protocol.

Easy Minerv3 will continue its mission from the previous versions, that is to deliver an EPIC mining manager application easy to use for everyone. The EPIC Proof Of Work polyphasic design unlocks multiple ways to mine blocks and can be used with different types of hardware or software, example scenarios:

  • Solo mining
  • Pool mining (multiple options)
  • CPU mining (RandomX)
  • GPU mining (ProgPoW)
  • ASIC mining (Cuckoo)
  • Dual mining (1 algo, 2 coins)
  • Multiple operating systems
  • Multiple mining software options
  • In order to start mining user have to go through the above checklist and work out which combination is right for him. It will be different in each case and will depend on rig power (hashrate), PoW algorithm, hardware manufacturer, location and other smaller factors. To make Easy Miner indeed easy, we have to automate this process as much as possible while maintaining the flexibility of the EPIC blockchain design. For this purpose application will collect required entry data:

  • Model and make of GPU (automated)
  • Model and make of CPU (automated)
  • Operating system (automated)
  • This will be used to prepare recommended mining software, estimate rig power and yield. Easy Miner will also help to connect to the right mining pool.

    At start application will support pool mining over solo for the following reasons:

  • No need for user to host EPIC node
  • No need for user to setup EPIC wallet before mining
  • Suitable for all rigs and machines (solo requires powerful equipment)
  • Payouts are made often and income is predictable
  • The Setup-wizard will provide step-by-step help for the new users, from how to configure mining software to making an account at the pool website.

    The Pool Dashboard will provide data for better understanding how to help network with spreading hashpower evenly between available pools. Users will easily switch between pools to i.e. compare efficiency.

    The Mining Calculator will provide estimates about rig yield and will help to work out electricity and other costs for more precise calculations.

    The Update Manager will take care of any updates - Easy Miner is managing multiple independent software, this manager will check them and update whenever needed.