Introduce Telegram in-chat tipping framework using a privacy focused cryptocurrency blockchain. Deposit, withdraw and send EPIC to users using built-in wallet.

Project was successfully launched in April 2022 for the Epic Cash Community, growing rapidly since then - it has almost 900 active users, more than 5,000 transactions worth 70,000 EPIC!

Project is free to use, everyone can create an account or invite the bot to a Telegram group. Key features:

  • VITE & EPIC Blockchain support
  • Create and manage the wallet inside Telegram messenger app
  • Deposit & withdraw assets
  • Reward content creators, developers and other Telegram users
  • Use as reward distribution system for events
  • Project is constantly updated with new a features, for more details check the Milestone section.

    Project milestones
    STATUS Completion
    Tip-Bot v1
  • Telegram User Interface
  • Integration with the VITE Blockchain
  • Ready
    Tip-Bot v2
  • New, High-End Production Server
  • Introduce Transaction Fees
  • Fix and improvements
  • Ready
    Tip-Bot v3
  • Integration with the EPIC Blockchain
  • Improving the User Interface
  • In Progress